Here QA Tester can find Selenium interview questions with examples. I started to put together and continuously update interview question for Selenium WebDriver test automation tool. This Interview questions were asked during real QA interviews for Selenium QA Automation Engineer position in the leading companies. I believe that any QA Engineer, no matter seasoned one or novice one, would greatly benefits from this collection Selenium interview questions and tips. If you are plan to attend an interview you need to know the answers on these questions by heart. I provided answers on several technical interview questions, but you have to think how you would personally answer these questions. Finally, I would ask anyone of you to provide answers on unanswered Selenium interview question, so we all would benefit from this knowledge sharing and it would help us to land on Selenium QA Automation Engineer job and work successfully. If you were asked the interview question that is not in the list, post it with your answer.

San Jose Selenium Meetup

In case you are not aware - inaugural San Jose Selenium Meetup with Selenium creator and Sauce Labs co-founder Jason Huggins will be held at Adobe East Tower, 321 Park Ave, San Jose, CA on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 6:30 PM. Jason's talk "Are record and playback testing tools the root of all evil" will cover in details Selenium IDE, Sauce Builder, and the right and wrong ways to use the tools. There are still spots available.

Selenium QA Testers can attend the event online via Adobe Connect

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