Here QA Tester can find Selenium interview questions with examples. I started to put together and continuously update interview question for Selenium WebDriver test automation tool. This Interview questions were asked during real QA interviews for Selenium QA Automation Engineer position in the leading companies. I believe that any QA Engineer, no matter seasoned one or novice one, would greatly benefits from this collection Selenium interview questions and tips. If you are plan to attend an interview you need to know the answers on these questions by heart. I provided answers on several technical interview questions, but you have to think how you would personally answer these questions. Finally, I would ask anyone of you to provide answers on unanswered Selenium interview question, so we all would benefit from this knowledge sharing and it would help us to land on Selenium QA Automation Engineer job and work successfully. If you were asked the interview question that is not in the list, post it with your answer.

What is the best programming language for Selenium 2 ?

The tough Selenium 2 interview questions for QA Manager : Imagine that you have decided to do test automation for web based application using Selenium 2. What would be the best language to learn along with Selenium 2 for the team of QA Testers?

As a candidate for QA Manager I would start this way:

This choice is a little bit simpler for Selenium 2 than Selenium, because Selenium 2 supports Java, Ruby, C#, and Python, but does not yet support Perl or PHP. Obviously you have to choose only from four languages and there are several factors to consider.

Introducing a new language to a team isn't an easy task. The best choice will be to use a language QA Testers are familiar with. Learning Selenium 2 and learning a new programming language is a lot tougher than learning just Selenium 2.

Next things to consider is the local support for the programming language. For example, if local developers already have an experience with Java, this language might be a better choice for QA Testers. If the tester needs help with the language, the development tools, the defects then leverage in-house expertise would be much better.

In general the language you'll get the most out of Selenium 2 is Java, because the Java client code is the first developed and the standard for correctness. For example HtmlUnit Driver, fastest and most lightweight implementation of WebDriver, would require Selenium Server for any language binding other than Java.

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