Here QA Tester can find Selenium interview questions with examples. I started to put together and continuously update interview question for Selenium WebDriver test automation tool. This Interview questions were asked during real QA interviews for Selenium QA Automation Engineer position in the leading companies. I believe that any QA Engineer, no matter seasoned one or novice one, would greatly benefits from this collection Selenium interview questions and tips. If you are plan to attend an interview you need to know the answers on these questions by heart. I provided answers on several technical interview questions, but you have to think how you would personally answer these questions. Finally, I would ask anyone of you to provide answers on unanswered Selenium interview question, so we all would benefit from this knowledge sharing and it would help us to land on Selenium QA Automation Engineer job and work successfully. If you were asked the interview question that is not in the list, post it with your answer.

Tricky Selenium IDE interview question

Is Selenium IDE a good choice for automated testing?

Even QA Testers, who only started to work with Selenium, know that Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts implemented as a Firefox extension. It helps to perform some automated functional browser testing and allows QA Tester to record, edit, and debug tests. Selenium IDE is a great tool for simple test cases and not that suitable for complex scenarios, where it would be better to use Selenium Webdriver. In the same time IDE could be used for trivial automation testing, to repeat some routine and lightweight tasks that let your web application ready to be tested.

Keep in mind Selenium IDE is a prototyping tool for building test scripts. It is a Firefox plugin and provides an easy-to-use interface for developing automated tests. Selenium IDE has a recording feature, which records user actions as they are performed and then exports them as a reusable script in one of many programming languages that can be later executed.

Even though Selenium IDE has a Save feature that allows users to keep the tests in a table-based format for later import and execution, it is not designed to run your test passes nor is it designed to build all the automated tests you will need. Specifically, Selenium IDE doesn't provide iteration or conditional statements for test scripts. There is no plan to add such thing to the functionality of Selenium IDE. The reasons are technical and based on the Selenium developers encouraging best practices in test automation which always requires some amount of programming. Selenium IDE is simply intended as a rapid prototyping tool. The Selenium developers recommend for serious, robust test automation Selenium 2 to be used with one of the many supported programming languages like C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, R and even Ruby.

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