Here QA Tester can find Selenium interview questions with examples. I started to put together and continuously update interview question for Selenium WebDriver test automation tool. This Interview questions were asked during real QA interviews for Selenium QA Automation Engineer position in the leading companies. I believe that any QA Engineer, no matter seasoned one or novice one, would greatly benefits from this collection Selenium interview questions and tips. If you are plan to attend an interview you need to know the answers on these questions by heart. I provided answers on several technical interview questions, but you have to think how you would personally answer these questions. Finally, I would ask anyone of you to provide answers on unanswered Selenium interview question, so we all would benefit from this knowledge sharing and it would help us to land on Selenium QA Automation Engineer job and work successfully. If you were asked the interview question that is not in the list, post it with your answer.

Best WebDriver Books: Top Recommended

There are a number of high quality books available about Selenium and test automation. As with any subject, Selenium books vary greatly in quality and how broadly they cover their subject. I picked these 6 books because they each approach the theme from a different perspective. Some have the introductory flavor throughout the book briefly covering a simple test case development in Selenese, while others tutor QA Tester into Selenium RC or Selenium Driver, and then delve with more advanced topics like running Selenium test cases in parallel with Selenium Grid or testing Android application with Selenium. The point I am want to make is that all these great books can be balancing to each other rather than the pick the best one tutorial. With that in mind, here are 4 of the top Selenium books.

Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide, 264 pages, 2014

Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide book starts by briefly discussing the history of Selenium and then, quickly jump into WebDriver by describing how it perceives a web page and WebDriver's WebElement are. The book dives deeply into more advanced actions that WebDriver can perform on the WebElements of a web page and explains advanced features like taking screenshots of web pages, executing JavaScript, and handling cookies and proxies. The book not only covers various implementations FirefoxDriver, IEDriver, and ChromeDriver, but explain how to deal with the most of the popular browsers available on the market. RemoteWebDriver is very important topic and it helps developers to handle test scripts execution on the remote machines. The next stage is Selenium Grid using this, developer can submit automation scripts to a server and specify there the target platform, that is, the OS, browser type, and version, upon which you want these scenarios to be executed. As a prerequisite, this book expects you to have a basic understanding of Java programming

More reviews at Amazon: Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide

Selenium Webdriver in Java: Learn With Examples, 52 pages, 2014

Selenium Webdriver in Java contains all major concepts of Selenium WebDriver in Java like identification of web elements using XPath, CSS, id, name etc. Book also covers how to work with common web controls like combo boxes, checkboxes with Selenium Webdriver in Java. All methods of the synchronization are discussed along with detailed examples. The books also covers how we can work with multiple windows, alerts and frames. In the end, book covers the topic of keyword driven automation framework in Selenium Webdriver using Java. As a prerequisite, this book expects developer to have a basic understanding of Java programming

More reviews at Amazon: Selenium Webdriver in Java: Learn With Examples

Test Automation using Selenium WebDriver with Java: Step by Step Guide, 404 pages, 2014

Test Automation using Selenium WebDriver book is recommended for those who are beginning to learn test automation with Selenium WebDriver and also for advanced automation users. The book follows a step by step approach, and guides the readers through the exercises using pictorial screencast. It contains a lot of practical examples and issues which most of the automation testers encounter in daily automation routine. These examples will give reader an insight into what challenges reader could face with automation in the real world. Practical examples cover how to use most of the features within Selenium WebDriver. This book covers Selenium Webdriver integration with an open source tools like FireBug, Firepath, Eclipse, TestNG, ANT and Jenkins and helps to create an effective automation frameworks.

More reviews at Amazon: Test Automation using Selenium WebDriver with Java: Step by Step Guide

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