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Selenium vs QTP

Selenium vs QTP comparison - let's imagine that QA Tester has been assigned to compare Selenium vs QTP as a part of evaluation of test automation tools mainly from the perspective of maintenance, training and supportability.

The price of HP QTP could be an issues for some companies, unfortunately the company has to spend almost $10,000 dollars per floating QTP license. In the same time HP QTP license price may be not an issues for the start up company which just got the new round of money from the venture capitalist or for investment banks where managers want to invest only in the brand name tools. On the other side Selenium is completely free open source test automation tool. It means if QA Testers wants to add Selenium to skill set, the tester may just download Selenium for free, download manual and start exploring the functionality of a test automation tools. The same approach would not be productive with HP QTP download, the free trial version of QuickTest Pro requires tedious registration, works only for 30 days which is often not enough for extensive evaluation by the team. Even after the company paid the hefty price for HP QTP license it would require perplexing installation and configuration of the QTP license server, especially in the case when QA manager wants to take of advantage of QTP floating licenses and share them with the offshore testing team.

Some QA manager may wrongly assume that the team will get good return of investment by getting official technical support from HP for QTP. Unfortunately in many cases it is easier and faster to get QTP question answered and problem solved with a help of huge community of users and forums. If QA Team finds any problems using Selenium, there are several places where they can search for help for example active official user group Selenium. There are also several companies that can provide hands-on, expert support with Selenium tool.

HP QTP training on the various topics is available from HP Software Education Services and the current price is $3750 for five days course called QuickTest Professional 10: Essentials. There are also several companies and individuals who can provide QTP training and education for more affordable price. Selenium training covering fundamentals and advanced Selenium features is available from various companies in the form of offsite or onsite training and usually prices around $750 for two days course.

While considering one test automation tool over another the team should figure out who will develop, maintain and support test cases. Selenium will be an advantage, if software developers will take ownership of creating and maintening test cases, if the testing outside of the browser is out of scope, if you have tight budget. HP QTP could fit your team, if you have money to spend, QA tester will develop and maintain test cases and testing will be outside of the web browser.

There are variety of great books for Selenium and HP QTP suitable for beginners and experts. You could check the detailed books reviews at Best Books for Selenium and Best Books for HP QTP pages.